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Amalfi Coast - Positano

Amalfi Coast - Positano


Location: Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Our full Italy trip is documented here

Positano is one of my all time favorite places I’ve visited and is by far the most popular town along the Amalfi Coast. This little seaside gem is filled with ceramic shops, seafood restaurants, linen shops, secret beaches and sea-facing homes.


Chris and I visited Positano in October 2016 as part of our wedding and honeymoon trip. We visited many towns along the Amalfi Coast but Positano was by far my favorite. Before visiting, many people described the town as being a little on the touristy side. Parts of it do feel that way but it’s definitely got a lot of nice little local hidden gems that don’t feel that way too.


Positano is incredibly charming and filled with all kinds of hidden nooks. The houses are so darling – they’re tucked into the bluffs along the sea and are painted in all pretty of the prettiest shades - blushes, reds, and yellows. Hidden passageways zig-zag through the entire town and they are detailed with gorgeous, blooming vines and hand painted tiles.

 Look at those tiles!

Look at those tiles!

 Look at that darling little window!

Look at that darling little window!

 Key from our stay at  Le Sirenuse .

Key from our stay at Le Sirenuse.


For places to stay, it really depends on your price range. We found adorable (and well-reviewed) Airbnbs for $85/night to fancy hotels where the sky was the limit on pricing.


We stayed at:

La Casa di Peppe | $$$ | This home is one of the oldest villas along the coast. The villa was passed down to our host, Peppe, from his mother. I will do a full post on our stay here later but we absolutely loved this place. Peppe is very kind, the property is beautiful and well-maintained, the food was amazing (I still dream about the chocolate twist croissants), and it’s in a perfect location (among a million other good qualities).

Le Sirenuse | $$$$$+ | I can’t recommend this place enough! It’s gorgeous, the food is amazing, and the staff goes above and beyond.

Airbnb | $ | We stayed in quite a few Airbnbs along the Amalfi Coast – this one was the favorite in Positano.

Il San Pietro di Positano | $$$$$+ | We ran out of time and weren’t able to stay here but this property looks amazing and is highly recommended if it’s in your budget. Maybe when we celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2066, we’ll make it back and will stay here!

Something to consider when you book a place along the Amalfi Coast, be it Airbnb or villa hotel, is to consider its location in terms of altitude. When you are looking at a map of this region, keep in mind that the further a place looks from the coast and water, the more stairs you will have to climb to reach it. Pack light or you will have to lug your bags up all those stairs.


Speaking of packing for trips, my advice is to always pack light. I only use a carry-on bag! It’s so much easier on our environment, it’s far cheaper than checking luggage, you don’t have to worry about airlines losing your sh*-tuff, and hello, it’s just way less stuff to drag around on your travels. And really, are you actually going to wear five or more pairs of shoes on a trip? Or all those clothes that you never wear in real life but somehow always end up in your luggage? Pare down, friends!

 Love a good military style car.

Love a good military style car.

 Loved this cute couple with their matching jackets.

Loved this cute couple with their matching jackets.

 I still dream about these twisted chocolate croissants from La Casa di Peppe.

I still dream about these twisted chocolate croissants from La Casa di Peppe.

 Photo credit:  kaleyfromkansas

Photo credit: kaleyfromkansas


For food and drinks, my favorite places were:

La Sponda This restaurant is a major splurge but I loved it. You can reserve a spot for lunch of dinner. We chose to have dinner there and it’s very, very romantic. The restaurant is lit by hundreds of candles and the interior design is absolutely stunning.

Franco’s Bar A small, hip patio cocktail bar with small bites. This places is so gorgeous and I loved bright blue chairs and ornate yellow ceramic fountain.

Casa e Bottega If you like fresh juice served in the most darling bottles (with a sprig of fresh herbs!), this is your place. They also have amazing salads, fresh pasta and acai bowls. The staff is super sweet too.

Collina Bakery The cutest pasticceria in Positano. They’ve got gorgeous treats, Italian cookies, and lots-o-gelato.

Da Adolfo Take the cutest boat ever to Laurito Beach to eat at Da Adolfo. From the main dock in Positano, look for the boat with a red fish on it. Try the mozzarella on a lemon leaf.

La Tagliata Amazing little family owned, treehouse-like restaurant. This place has endless rave reviews. It’s actually situated above Positano in the town of Montepertuso.

 I loved these intricate floral doors! It looks like they've repainted them since we were in Positano and I like the  new look  too.

I loved these intricate floral doors! It looks like they've repainted them since we were in Positano and I like the new look too.

 Isn't that the most gorgeous signage you've ever seen?! Typography heaven.

Isn't that the most gorgeous signage you've ever seen?! Typography heaven.

For shopping:

La Bottega di Brunella This linen shop is filled with beautiful clothes. The storefront itself is actually quite a looker too.

Ceramica Assunta and Ceramiche Parlato di de Lucia Berenice Two super cute ceramic shops in Positano. They have everything and it’s all hand-painted gorgeousness.

 Photo Credit:  Cork Creative

Photo Credit: Cork Creative

Getting around Positano is a breeze. You can walk everywhere using the main road. Things look more challenging on a map than they actually are in real life so, feel free to ditch the maps and just walk (and hey, it’s free and great exercise too).

 Just outside the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta e Cripta Medievale. 

Just outside the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta e Cripta Medievale. 

 Taking the ferry to Amalfi with Dr. Lim

Taking the ferry to Amalfi with Dr. Lim

Getting from town to town is super easy as well. Your best and cheapest option is to either take the bus or ferry. Both made me motion sick (if you’re a wimp and you know it, clap your hands: *clap, clap*) but the ferry is the better of the two. I’d argue you aren’t truly experiencing the Amalfi Coast if you’re not motion sick at LEAST once (and maybe a few times). I promise if you do take the bus or a cab along those infamous, swirling Amalfi Coast roads, you won’t die of motion sickness – you’ll be just fine. 


Pro Tip: Positano (as well as the other popular Amalfi Coast towns) can get very hot and crowded during the peak season, from about May to August. Sometimes that’s part of the fun but if that’s not your cup of tea, I recommend visiting just as the season ends, from the end of September to mid-October. The weather is still warm, most of the shops and beaches are still open, but there’s quite a bit more breathing room. Many hotels and beaches also offer discounted pricing during this time as well.


Until next time, Positano - you are an absolute dream!

Have you ever been to Positano? What was your experience like? Tell me about your travels in the comments!

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