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Positano - Luxury Hotel

Positano - Luxury Hotel

Location: Le Sirenuse, Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Price range: $$$$$+

Are you familiar with this golden siren key? It's recognized around the Amalfi coast and many who have never been to this part of the world know exactly where it comes from. 

This cliffside property in Positano is no secret - Le Sirenuse is a well-known gem along the coast that boasts white-washed walls, vaulted ceilings, an extravagant collection of antiques from Rome and London, and stunning hand painted floor tiles (and they are stunning). From floor to ceiling, a huge variety of green plants decorate the interior and Le Sirenuse feels very alive. The hotel even has a staff of gardeners specifically to maintain their stunning bougainvillea vines inside the hotel. Every nook and cranny of this hotel bursts with charm, energy and life.

 I adored these gold siren keys - I just need Le Sirenuse to create a mini keychain version!

I adored these gold siren keys - I just need Le Sirenuse to create a mini keychain version!

Years after WWII ended, in what was once their family’s summer home, four Neapolitan siblings (the Sersale family) opened Le Sirenuse in 1951. It was named after Li Galli, commonly referred to as the Sirenusas, an archipelago of three tiny islands the hotel overlooks just off the coast. Legend has it that these local islands were inhabited by sirens who seduced nearby sailors with their song.

I cannot get over that this gorgeous hotel was once a family's summer home. It is absolutely massive and so, so beautiful. 


Our room was clean, bright, and full of special little details (like this Amore Eterno book full of pretty illustrations - I wrote my wedding vows in it just days before getting married!). We were welcomed with cute mini bottles of champagne and fancy nut and fruit bowls.

 Loved the siren details throughout the hotel.

Loved the siren details throughout the hotel.


The staff here go out of their way to make you feel like family. Anything we needed, they were happy to help with, no task too large. This hotel is highly celebrated, even amongst the locals. Many times our newfound Italian friends would ask where we were staying. When we mentioned Le Sirenuse, we would hear "Oh, it is the best in Amalfi Coast!" every time.

Chris and I were so lucky to spend a little bit of our wedding trip here and it was such a treat. We made sure to wander around, up and down every staircase, and find all of the special hidden corners. 


Foodies, heads up! One of the world's best restaurants, La Sponda, is located within the hotel. This multi-course meal was the fanciest meal we've ever had and it does not disappoint. If you are a bit uncomfortable in upscale restaurants, the Champagne bar & grill is a little more relaxed and very good.  

Pro tip: If you are visiting in season, make sure to swing by Franco's Bar for a cocktail on the patio. The bar has great snacks and drinks but it also has a gorgeous setting - the patio is filled with bright blue hand-painted chairs, blooming planters, and the prettiest, ornate (neo-baroque) yellow fountain ever.


We enjoyed wandering around and discovering little lounge areas. The yellow couches get me every time - one of my favorite colors!

 No bad views around here.

No bad views around here.


Pro tip: If you decide to stay here, make sure you save some time to stay on the property and really explore and take it all in. We found ourselves overbooked (no surprise there, ha!) and really wished we had time set out time to soak up everything the hotel has to offer: spa treatments, the flower/gardening tour (I'm so mad at myself for missing it!), laying out poolside, and just walking around to enjoy all of Le Sirenuse's beauty. 


Grazie mille, Le Sirenuse! We loved our stay and will definitely make it back soon.

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