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Praiano - Secluded Villa

Praiano - Secluded Villa

 A view of the property. Image from  Ca' P'a

A view of the property. Image from Ca' P'a

The Amalfi Coast is known for being a region bursting with energy. But hidden along the coast in the small town of Praiano is Ca' P'a, Casa Privata. Hundreds of steps down below the main road, in what was once an old fisherman's ruin, rests this gorgeous restored villa. The property is made up of lush, manicured gardens, local flowers, organic fruit trees, and vegetable patches. 

Villa: Casa Privata

Location: Praiano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Price range: $$$

 Getting lost in the alleyways is half the fun ;)

Getting lost in the alleyways is half the fun ;)

Every night we ate on the property and our food was so incredible. All of the meals are prepared by Ca' P'a's chef from scratch with herbs and veggies from their gardens. Our first night, the chef made us eggplant pasta and I requested it every night for the rest of the trip it was that good. I still dream about this dish, months later.


Our suite was beautiful and clean. It consisted of a bedroom, bathroom, and small living room that overlooked the gardens and sea. I loved the interior design - the room had tall vaulted ceilings and the walls were painted in thick vertical stripes in the perfect shades of cream and coral. 

 I loved these speckled shadows.

I loved these speckled shadows.

The property overall was just gorgeous. Every turn, every nook and cranny felt like a surprise. 


The gardens consist of a mix of sculpted hedges and native flowers. This villa was our final stay in Italy and we found ourselves exhausted by the end of the trip. We spent countless hours walking through the gardens or soaking up some last rays of sun poolside before heading back to the States. 


The property did have a pool area, which is nice because the sea can be a little rough towards the end of summer. We lounged for hours on end.

Beyond the gardens and pool, you can walk down the the very edge of the sea. Cut into the bluffs are secluded areas with chairs for sunbathing. This lounge area was SO relaxing. We were lucky to have visited the Amalfi Coast at the end of the busy summer season and we had this place to ourselves all week.


The only people we saw down in this area were passersby on an occasional ferry. It was such a treat.


Right next to the seaside bluffs was an old fortress tower (Torre di Grado), which turns out was a Spanish-built sighting tower used to defend the Tyrrhenian coastline from 1503 to 1688. 

Apparently you can rent it (wut)! It was fun to climb up the rocks to get a better view ;)


Right next to this rocky beach is a natural pool inside a grotto, called Fontana dell'Altare (Altar's Fountain) but I didn't learn of this pool until we had left. Maybe next time ;)

I can't say enough good things about this hotel. Our experience here was top notch and I highly recommend staying at this villa.

Pro Tip: Make sure to schedule some time for yourself to stay on the property and really soak it all in. Or schedule this stay towards the end of a long trip when you'll be tired from travels and will want to relax.

Grazie mille, Ca' P'a!

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